№ 15 (2020) Головна сторінка зібрання Перегляд статистики

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Дата випускуНазваАвтор(и)
2020The Estimation of the War in Donbas by Scientists and Former Politicians on the Pages of the Newspaper The New York Times (March 1, 2014 - February 11, 2015)Ofitsynskyy, Yuriy
2020The models of work-life balance in Norway at the end of the XXth century - the beginning of the XXIst century in the context of gender equalityZalietok, Nataliia
2020The "memory studies" development and the historical memory dynamics in independent Ukraine from the view of the modern western historiographyPrylutska, Lyudmyla
2020Revival of language national consciousness of the Ukrainians of Donetsk region under conditions of "perestroika" and first years of independent UkraineSytnyk, Julia; Sytnyk, Olexander
2020Organization and functions of the Intelligence Services of foreign centers of Ukrainian nationalists under conditions of the World interblock confrontation (1945 - 1950-ies).Seheda, Serhii; Viedienieiev, Dmytro
2020Orel offensive operation (12 July - 18 August, 1943): success and failures of the Red Army Command regarding the armored and mechanized troops useTkachuk, Pavlo; Kryvyziuk, Leonid
2020"Small death jobs": the role of forced civilian persons in the Nazi plans of the Holocaust in the General District of Volyn-Podillia (on the materials of Yahad-In Unum)Mykhalchuk, Roman
2020The Slovak Troops in Ukraine propagandist ideological support at the initial stage of the German-Soviet WarKharuk, Andrij; Soliar, Ihor
2020Imposition of the state of emergency in the USSR during the German-Soviet War (1941 - 1945)Marszalek-Kawa, Joanna; Kudinov, Serhii; Kuznichenko, Serhii
2020Theater art as a self-realization form of Naddnipryanshchyna political emigrants in Volyn Voivodeship (1920 - 1930-ies)Davydyuk, Ruslana; Zhyvyuk, Andriy
2021The repressive policies of the Polish authorities against the Greek Catholic Clergy in 1919: methods and featuresYehreshii, Oleh; Deliatynskyi, Ruslan
2020The Post-Great War Settlement of 1919 and UkraineGorodnia, Nataliya
2020The Downfall of the Russian and the Austro-Hungarian Empires, Bolshevism, The Monarchist Counter-revolution, and the Formation of the New Systems of International Relations in Central and Eastern Europe, 1918 - 1920Bondarenko, Dmytro
2020Statute of the Society for the Care of Poor Jewish Children in Kolomyia (1908): historical and legal analysisLevchenko, Inna; Arakelian, Minas
2020Jewish landownership and interethnic relations in Kyiv Governorate at the end of the XIXth and the beginning of the XXth centuriesKazmyrchuk, Mariia
2020Szlachta Incorporation in Galicia to Knighthood of the Austrian Empire at the end of the XVIIIth - beginning of the XIXth centuriesSmutok, Lesya; Lyseyko, Yaroslav
2020How Moscow colonized KyivPechersk Lavra. New pages to the history of the Ukrainian printing of the second half of the XVIIIth centuryKagamlyk, Svitlana
2020Ukraine's Lands as an Important Factor of the Development of Trade and Geopolitical Contacts according to the Data from Arabographic Written SourcesTuranly, Ferhad
2020The opposition of the Ottoman Empire and the Holy Roman Empire in Central and Eastern Europe and the position of the Czech szlachta (the end of the XVth - the 30-ies of the XVIth century)Andrusyak, Yaroslav
2020Roman military diploma as historical documentOliynyk, Mykola
Матеріали зібрання (Сортування за Дати збереження у за спаданням порядку): 1 до 20 з 20