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Дата випускуНазваАвтор(и)
202225th anniversary of the Faculty of performing arts at the Academy of Arts in Banska BystricaVlcekova, Anna
2022A figure of the Orthodox bishop on the pages of "The Journal of the Moscow Patriarchy" during the period of late StalinismOlitskyi, Viacheslav; Podriez, Yuliia
2022A new edition on the history of Carpathian Ukraine (1938 - 1939)Bila, Svitlana; Zymomrya, Myroslava
2023A New Understanding Of Modern History Of UkraineDavydova, Iryna; Dykyi, Oleh
2021A Short-Barrelled Wrought Iron Firearm of the End of the XIVth - Beginning of the XVth Centuries in the Collection of Lviv Historical MuseumVerkhoturova, Mariana; Marchenko, Yaroslav
2020Academic plagiarism and self-plagiarism as elements of violation of academic integrityКупрата, Надія; Менсо, Ірина
2020Ad Fontes: source capacity of the first General Census of the Russian Empire population of 1897Vodotyka, Serhiy; Robak, Ihor
2020Agrarian Reform of P. Wrangel in the South of Ukraine (1920)Kornovenko, Serhii; Pasichna, Yulia
2022Agricultural Experimental Work as a Component of Modern Natural Science and Culture of the Nation: History of Formation and Evolution of ConceptsVerhunov, Victor
2018Aksjologiczny wymiar edukacji muzycznej w ksztalceniu studentowRogozińska, Katarzyna
2017Alternating custody as seen by fathers claiming custody of their childrenDudak, Anna
2019-01An analysis of the practice of smart advice in terms of gender perspectiveYildyrym, Akhmet
2021An Archival and Investigative Case on Hryhoriy Tymofiiv as a Source on the History of Repressions during the 1930sKuznets, Tetiana; Skus, Olha
2019Antarctic as object of the general heritage of humanity and territorial claims on itCherniaev, Olexandr; Kovtun, Oleksandr
2021Anti-religious activities of the Union of Godless in Ukraine (1927 – 1930)Dotsenko, Viktor; Zholob, Mykhailo
2022Archeological musical instruments from the territory of Galicia-Volhynia State as part of Slavic instruments of the Xth - the XIVth centuriesTerskyi, Sviatoslav; Zinkiv, Iryna
2020Artistic activity of the Roman Catholic Orders in the Eastern lands of the Commonwealth: outstanding personalities and monuments (the XVIIth - XVIIIth centuries)Sheretiuk, Ruslana
2023Aspekte des nachahmungslernens in den methoden von Suzuki und YamahaOkatyev, Denys
2021Assyrian National Elites of Georgia in the 1920s: Public Policy and National Cultural IdentityMargulov, Arthur
2023Assyrians in the USSR: demographic and language aspects of the soviet policyMargulov, Arthur